Who is Loonie Toons Pontoons & Powersports?

Here at Loonie Toons Pontoons we're all about the Pontoon Lifestyle!

That's great, but you want to know 'who we are', right?

We are Daniel Cedolia and Family, plus some Really Great Support People!
Daniel grew up on the Water and Powersports have been a big part of his life.
His keen instincts evolved from a lifetime exposure through his
Family's Business and perhaps more importantly, his Family's Fun!
The importance of "Family Fun" fueled Daniel's life long passion that guides him today!
The importance of dependable equipment and it's impact on Family Fun
is a major motivational factor with the whole Cedolia Clan as we carry on
the Family Tradition and share it with you to ensure
Loonie Toons Pontoons & Powersports customers have the same Family Fun Experiences!
We're in the business of selling boats for Various Ideals of Enjoyment!
It's All About Family and Fun!

That's why we're a Service Orientated Business with the Goal to Deliver Quality Products,
Exceptional Service and to Keep our Customers Very Satisfied.
Each Boat is Carefully Inspected and Selected for it's Condition.
This is where our Really Great Support People come in!
We have each boat evaluated by our team of 'Experienced' Factory Trained Technicians.
We confirm a Structurally Sound Chassis and the Motor meets Manufacturer Specifications,
then we thoroughly detail the pontoon so it looks as good as it is.
If carpet or upholstery isn't clean and in good condition, we replace it.
The Pontoons are cleaned with an acid wash and years of built up algae are removed.
We do everything we can to Ensure Reliability of our boats on the water.
We know how precious time is when you have a nice day and the rare opportunity to use it,
so we want your boat to be reliable and leave you with fond boating memories.

Come Join Our Extended Family of Happy Customers!
We Carry a Large Variety of Top Name Boats that are Previously Enjoyed!

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Pontooning! Life on the Water has Never Been Better!

Over 40 Years Professional Powersports Experience!