Questions People Ask Us About Pontoon Boats!

Experience helps you make Better Purchase Decisions!

So please read what other's have asked and benefit from their experiences.

Q: Who makes the best Pontoon boats?
A tough question with no simple answer.
Perhaps a strong reason why we prefer to sell Previously Enjoyed Pontoons instead of new boats made by a single manufacturer.
Every Manufacturer has good years and less good years, good models and less good models.
The Best Manufacturers are More Consistent Year over Year and we only provide boats made by them!
What's often more important is who owned the boat before you and how well did they look after your new investment?
Our job is to know the answers, so we combine our knowledge of the Manufacturers, their good models/years and our hands-on experience to determine if the previous owner knows enough about their equipment and how to care for it. We inspect the boats thoroughly, grill the seller extensively and when we are confident we have a well manufactured boat that's been properly maintained, well cared for and/or we can refurbish any less than perfect blemishes with the confidence required to back the sale, then we buy it and make it available to you.
Our inspections and thorough test drive processes tell us all we need to know. We fix what needs fixed, set the selling price and deliver your new boat to you with confidence. If you want your boat to look and feel even newer, we offer complete refurbishing and upgrading options.

Q: How do I Tow my Pontoon Boat?
Pontoon Boats come in different sizes and configurations. Each has its own towing requirements.
We provide trailering service for many of our customers piece of mind.
If you are going to tow your boat, consult with an expert on your vehicle and it's towing capacity.
Towing Regulations Change Often, so always check with the Appropriate Ministry and Know the Laws!

Here is a link for some Basic Information on towing;
Government of Ontario

We can provide you with the statistics for the boat and trailer we sell you.
Your tow vehicle expert will advise you if your vehicle is properly equipped to tow the boat you want.
Vehicles used for towing require more frequent service and safety inspections.
Your Safety is important to us! Always get proper professional service and keep your tow vehicle in top working condition.
Remember,just because a vehicle can pull the boat on flat ground does not mean it can tow the boat safely.
Cornering and Emergency Braking with a Boat Pushing your vehicle requires a lot more of your vehicle than a simple straight drive.
Vehicle speed, trailer weight and tow vehicle weight, brakes, hills, wind, traffic, driving conditions (and more) all impact the total experience.
Under-sized, under-powered and improperly equipped or poorly maintained vehicles, put you and people around you in danger, break down sooner and of course they will cost a lot of money in the long run.
That takes all the fun out of boating, so if you don't have or can't invest in the right tow vehicle, please hire us to trailer your boat.

Be Safe - Have Fun!

Q: How do I Clean my Pontoon Boat?
Great Question! Your Pontoon requires regular maintenance. Proper cleaning will keep your boat looking new and will help it age well.
When you purchase from us we'll give you all the information you need to take great care of your boat. That way, when you're ready to trade up, we'll know we can find a new home for your boat and we can re-home it with confidence.

Q: Where do I store my Pontoon Boat in the Winter?
With the right location and care your boat can be safely stored almost anywhere.
We have Indoor and Outdoor storage options available. We also offer Winterizing Services.
Our after sales team is always available to help you so if you forget what we teach you about storage just give us a call several weeks before the end of the season and we'll help you.

Q: Can I Buy Parts and Accessories from you?
We work to make your Boating Experience a Good one and part of that includes helping you after the sale is done.
Several parts, accessories and maintenance services are available.
If we don't have what you need, we may be able to direct you to somebody who does.

Q: How many people can my Pontoon Boat Carry? If it seats 12, can I take 11 friends?
This may be the single biggest mistake made with Pontoon Boats!
Every boat has a Plate with it's Capacity Limitations clearly stated and you need to know how to interpret it.
If you are carrying lots of gear/luggage, coolers with food and drinks, friends that weigh over 180Lbs, extra gas
or anything that adds weight, you must consider that extra weight in the total capacity of the boat.
For Example: Let's assume your boat safety plate says Maximum 10 Persons or 1450 Lbs and has Seating for 12.
Perhaps you and your 6 friends all weigh exactly 200 Lbs and each of you has 30 Lbs of 'stuff'.
230 Lbs x 6 = 1,380 Lbs. Now if you add another 200 Lb person, you're 130 Lbs over with only 8 people onboard.
You also need to know how much weight your boat carries before anyone gets onboard so you don't exceed the maximum total weight.
Factors include the weight of your motor, fuel, water in the livewell, anchors, paddles and everything else that is 'always on the boat'.
How much does your Bimini Top weigh? Do you carry mooring covers? Ladders? Kicker Motor? Tool kit? It all adds up!

Know Your Boat - Know Your Gear - Know Your Weights - Be Safe!

We Recommend You Never Load Your Boat to the Maximum Allowed!
Always allow a reasonable amount of Extra Safety Consideration and Don't Overload.

Your Boat Ratings are for Ideal Weather Conditions.
High Winds, High Speed, Strong Currents and Rough Waters can each make a near capacity boat potentially unsafe!
If you are always at, or near the Capacity Limit of your boat, please consider upgrading.

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